First VR Pornography Festivals Ended Prematurely

Do you remember the time when people walked on rock festivals or street food festival? These innocent events were followed by police – not many – but still enough to calm down drunken people for example. Then we could observe the history of fest evolution and let LGBT fests in into our lives. Years past and technologies developed – which means a new era of festivals. Meet virtual reality porn festival! The first one had to be organized in December 2015 but ended prematurely.  

First VR Pornography Festival

Japan’s first VR porn festival rolled over and started smoking a cigarette before it even got its clothes off. Due to overcrowding, the first time anyone had ever gathered a number of virtual-reality pornography enthusiasts into a single building ended far sooner than anyone expected. The packed crowds gave rise to safety concerns. read more


Popularity of VR-porn: why and what can we wait from it

Technology and the porn industry have always been closely interconnected, historically it is on the market of porn movies that the most quickly start to apply various technical innovations, so virtual reality technology is simply not an exception. According to analysts of investment company Piper Jaffray, by 2025 pornography will be the third largest sector in the VR industry.

In connection with the growing popularity of VR porn, many psychologists have begun to raise the question of the possible consequences of this new stage of development of adults entertainment. Their fear is caused by the fact that VR-porn is much more realistic and feels much more intimate and personal than classic porn movies, and different researchers make different predictions about the consequences of such an evolution of the genre. read more