Certain Hairstyles Make Hair Prone to Hair Loss, Here’s How to Prevent it

Not many know that certain hairstyles can be one of the causes of hair loss. Especially if every day you continue to use this hairstyle for practical reasons and not hot. So, why do certain hairstyles make hair prone to hair loss? How to handle it? Come on, find out balayage near me.

Why do certain hairstyles cause hair to fall out?

Hair loss is caused by many things. Starting from hormonal changes, health problems, to certain medications. Not only that, it turns out that applying certain hairstyles also makes your hair prone to falling out. Moreover, hair is often exposed to harsh chemicals. Be aware that hairstyles such as ponytails and braids can cause hair loss. The reason is, a hairstyle like this makes the hair attracted strongly. This makes the hair can be easily pulled from the roots. If done frequently and applied very strongly, the risk of hair loss will be even greater.

Certain jobs and events may require you to tie or braid your hair tightly. If it is unavoidable, try not to use it for a long time. If the event is over and you have arrived home, immediately remove the pigtails and braids. While at home, let your hair down to reduce hair loss. You can prevent hair loss from certain hairstyles by loosening ties or braids. Even if tied or braided, this method can at least reduce the pull or pressure that can release the hair from the scalp.

Another way to outsmart hair loss due to pigtails is to use clips instead of hair ropes. Washing your hair with a hair tie tends to squeeze and pull the hair away from the scalp. While using tongs, it is safer because the pull on the hair is not too tight. You just need to roll your hair up and pin it. To prevent hair loss due to certain hairstyles, you can cut your hair shorter. Cutting hair does require consideration. If you feel more comfortable with short hair, there’s nothing wrong with trying this method.

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