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Some Reasons To Be An Anime Fan

There may not be much reason to like someone. But usually, there are many reasons to have a hobby. As with liking Anime, there must be a reason too. Read interesting news about anime at https://elysian-anime.net/. Here are some reasons why people become anime fans that you need to know.

1. Friends Influence
Actually, you are not a fanatical anime fan, but because you are bored at home. You watch anime recommended by friends, and it turns out. the anime is cool. You really like this anime. After that, you will ask your friends for other animes, which they think are good. An anime lover must be happy to have succeeded in influencing other people.

2. Fall in love with the character
You really like one of the anime. Especially one of the characters. For example, you like Killua Zoldyck because his character is very cool and his style is also cool. However, because the HunterXHunter anime had a pause for some time, you finally moved to read the manga. But it’s a shame the manga is on hiatus, and you subconsciously look for other anime until you end up watching a lot of anime.

3. A different world
The anime world is really cool. There are many kinds of the anime world, there are Fantasy, Historical, Futuristic, and others. Yes, we want to be in the world, feel the world, we are even willing to spend money. Yes, the only way is to buy the latest virtual game console. But, for those who don’t have the money to buy it, maybe the only way is to watch anime that has the same premise as you like.

4. Interesting storyline
Yeah, this is indeed the most influential of our interest in anime, good storyline. A good plot is indeed difficult to find from hundreds of anime scattered around. Therefore the only way is to watch as much anime as possible to find a plot that we think is interesting.

5. Genres that match our preferences
Some people are very picky about this, some like comedy, action, drama, a slice of life, and even ecchi genres. But when we have found an anime whose genre we like, we will definitely continue to look for anime that is similar in genre to the anime we watch.