Popularity of VR-porn: why and what can we wait from it

Technology and the porn industry have always been closely interconnected, historically it is on the market of porn movies that the most quickly start to apply various technical innovations, so virtual reality technology is simply not an exception. According to analysts of investment company Piper Jaffray, by 2025 pornography will be the third largest sector in the VR industry.

In connection with the growing popularity of VR porn, many psychologists have begun to raise the question of the possible consequences of this new stage of development of adults entertainment. Their fear is caused by the fact that VR-porn is much more realistic and feels much more intimate and personal than classic porn movies, and different researchers make different predictions about the consequences of such an evolution of the genre. read more

Where to see

VR-porn Videos and Where to Find Them

According to many porn websites, VR porn is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Now people watch vr porn and can feel real unreal sex for a small sum of money or just for free. Here present we information about how you can watch such porn and how much this satisfaction costs.

What Do I Need to Watch VR Porn?

VR porn is not readily available to everyone with an internet-connected screen. Shortly speaking, some foreplay is needed, but that is all part of the fun. Here are the things you need.

  1.    A VR headset: Of course they are! There are plenty of VR helmets and glasses on the mass market – you have just to choose your fit.
  2.    A connected device: Most headsets don’t work without the helpful device, often you need to have a smartphone, computer or another gadget to open and watch the video.
  3.    A good internet connection: Whether you are downloading or streaming, VR porn needs a stable internet connection. This is because VR porn tends to be larger, as you are no longer viewing just a rectangular 1080p projection. Now you are viewing the video above, below, to the sides, and often behind. And since you are looking at the screen up close, good VR porn should be recorded with higher definition cameras.

Best VR Porn – Where to Watch

We realize one of the most popular methods for viewing VR porn is downloading the videos from a website, so we thought we would give you a hand and tell you some of our favorite ones. Let’s get started. read more